Most Sought After Home Features

Today’s home buyers are more educated than ever on what features matter most to them when buying a home. In this blog post, we’ll explore the most sought after features home buyers are looking for in today’s home market.

Open Concept Homes

Closed living spaces were the norm a few decades ago. Today’s homes favor a more open concept floor plan that allows inhabitants to see into other living spaces. In addition to more open floors, high ceilings also provide the illusion of more floor space.

Updated Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. A modern kitchen is a must-have for the bulk of prospective home owners. A modern kitchen has updated counter tops made with premium materials, energy efficient appliances, and plenty of space for cooking.

Large Windows

Natural light is key to any updated home. Not only is natural light a great replacement for traditional bulbs, but it also creates the illusion of more room.

Hardwood Flooring

Gone are the days of shag carpet. Hardwood is taking the property world by storm by being the go-to standard for new construction homes. There are many benefits to hardwood floors ranging from easier upkeep to creating a more luxury feel. Hardwood comes in many styles and variations too, ensuring that no home featuring them feel the same.

School District

It’s easy to become loss in the internal features of a home, but what about the area the home resides in? School district zones play a large role in homebuying today, especially home buyers with children.


Let’s not forget the ever-so-important yard. This is a multifaceted feature of a home – things to consider are size, greenery and privacy. Of course, homeowners are looking for bigger yards, appeasing greenery and plenty of privacy. Other more lucrative features can extend to pools and terraces.

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