Get Started

SEO RETS Real Estate Plugin for WordPress

Each SEO RETS WordPress plugin is customized to pull listing information from your MLS Board.


  • One API key per website
  • Real-time updates from boards
  • Supports multiple agents per agency


  • $99/mo per feed


  • $99/mo per feed
  • $49/mo for additional agent feeds per month

Setup Package – $199

The SEO RETS setup package includes:

  • Installation of the plugin
  • Activating with your unique API key
  • Branding with your logo and colors
  • Creation of main search page
  • Creation of listings page
  • Dynamically create pages for each community in your MLS board
  • Addition of Widget search (optional)
  • Submission of sitemap (optional)

Hourly Support Package – $125/hr

SEO RETS support packages are perfect for:

  • Creating custom pages showing MLS feeds by neighborhood or subdivision
  • Creating custom pages showing MLS feeds by home type, like oceanfront or golf homes
  • Any other support or trouble shooting needed

Request API Key

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get your plugin downloaded, installed and running.

  1. Click the Request API Key button above to request your API key and optional Setup & Installation Package.
  2. Once we set up your account we’ll send you an email with your unique API Key.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to download the plugin
  4. Install the plugin through your WordPress dashboard
  5. Enter your custom API Key