SEO RETS for Realtors

“We provide real estate listings in a manageable way for agents and brokers to market them.”

Are you looking for a way to add a custom MLS search to your real estate website? We can help.  SEO RETS is the quickest and easiest way to add a search feature that pulls MLS listings.

SEO RETS displays listings from your regional MLS board right to your website

New home buyers want the ability to browse for homes from their desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Providing easy access to MLS listings for your customers is a great way to keep them engaged and is a smart addition to your new website. The SEO RETS WordPress plugin provides your customers with full MLS listings in easy to browse formats, like map and list views.

Buyers can find exactly what they’re looking for

Real estate customers can search listings by type, number of bedrooms, price, neighborhood and more. This is a great way for them to get to know the market, find potential homes, or suggest listings to you that interest them.

SEO RETS  real estate lead generation features

It’s important to capture those visitors to your site, even if they’re only browsing. You can choose from forced or requested registration from your guests. Customize lead capture forms throughout your site, ask customers to sign up for a profile in order to save their favorite homes. These are just a few lead generation options, read the full list on our features page.

Some MLS listing plugins, like Zillow or Trulia, may seem like a good choice for your new real estate website, but they detract from your brand and message. Plus, sending web traffic their way improves their rankings on Google and Bing search engines instead of boosting your own search results. SEO RETS has been developed to take advantage of SEO best practices for you.



Finding an MLS listing service for your real estate website can be difficult if you have multiple agents. SEO RETS makes it easy. Customize your MLS search features right through your WordPress dashboard.

Our IDX search tool is one of the best on the market. Each visitor to your website is different. SEO RETS offers many different search options including; basic, advanced, map, MLS ID, address, community or even allows users to search by school district. This is great for brokers who serve a wide ranging area.

SEO RETS allows you to display each agent’s listings individually

Your website visitors will be able to browse your listings by agent. This is great for home sellers looking for representation. It gives your web users the ability to get to know your agents and see what other homes they represent. It allows home buyers to get to know which areas your agents represent as well.

SEO RETS lets you create custom agent pages

Through the SEO RETS plugin you can create custom MLS lists in a variety of ways. One good way to use it in an agency setting is to create custom profile pages for each agent on your team. Give them their own landing page on your site to feature their personal listings, as well as the full agency listing.

How Do I Get Started

Give your agents their own WordPress site with discounted agent prices Email us to find out more

Would you like to see what the plug-in could look like on your website? Click here to visit our demo site. While it isn’t pulling any live listings, it’s a fun way to see how some of the features can work on the front end.

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