How to Show Real Estate Listings on a Map

Display a map on your real estate website using SEO RETS, here’s how:

Real Estate Map Feature

Many house-hunters prefer a map view when browsing for their next home. SEO RETS makes it easy for you to embed a searchable map right into your real estate website. Our map features automatically pull properties right from your MLS, letting your website visitors browse homes for sale by location.  This property search feature comes free with your SEO RETS subscription, and can be displayed using a split or full screen map.

Just follow these steps to show real estate listings on a map.

  1. In a new browser window, open your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Choose the Page or Post that you’d like to add a map to, or create a new one.
  3. Make sure your cursor is set to the area of the page you’d like the map to appear.
  4. Using the SEO RETS menu below the page editor, select “Map Shortcode”.
  5. Select either “Split Search Map” or “Full Width Map” depending on which you’d like to embed.
  6. Click the “Insert Shortcode” link
  7. Publish the page. It’s that easy!

See the SEO RETS Map feature in action.

View our SEO RETS Map Split Search video for a visual tutorial on how to insert interactive maps into your real estate website.

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