How to Change your Page Layout

Change your page layouts easily, here’s how.

Real Estate Page Layout Options

Changing and modifying your page layout using SEO RETS is easy. Simply choose your desired template from a drop-down menu, and save. Here are the steps to change and customize your RETS feed page templates.

  1. Navigate to one of your listing pages.  The default layout will be photos in a grid pattern on the right with the description and amenities on the left.
  2. In a new browser window, open your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Navigate to “SEO RETS” in the sidebar menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. Select “Developer Tools”.
  5. From the tabs across the top of the screen, select “Edit Templates”.
  6. You will see a “Choose Template” drop down menu with some default templates to choose from.
  7. From that menu, select the template you’d like to use as your base.
  8. Next, choose “Set as Default” to save changes.
  9. Open back up the browser window with your listing page. Refresh the page to see the new layout.

Using any of the fields that are mapped, advance users are able to customize the template further using the developer tools. here are a few other ways you may want to customize your page layout using SEO RETS CSS template editor.

  • Change heading titles, for instance you could use “beds” instead of “bedrooms” or “baths” instead of “bathrooms”.
  • Change the layout and placement of descriptions and fields.
  • Swap out colors to match your branding.
  • Try new fonts and text sizes.
  • The customization options are truly unlimited using our CSS editor.

See the Page Layout feature in action.

View our Changing and Modifying SEO RETS Templates video.

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