How to Use the SEO RETS Shortcode Generator

Built-In SEO RETS Shortcode Generator

SEO RETS Shortcode Generator

Using Shortcodes with your SEO RETS plugin makes it easy to embed MLS search features into your website without difficult coding. Here are the steps to customize your Shortcode, and insert it into your website page or post.

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the page you’d like to insert your search on
  2. Scroll below the page text copy to SEO RETS shortcode generator
  3. From the “select a type” drop down menu, select type of search you’d like to embed. (residential, lots, etc.)
  4. Follow the prompts to customize your search using the “Select Fields”, “Select possible value”, “Price Range” and other values
  5. The code builds dynamically as you make these selections
  6. Once you’re done selecting your values, click the “Insert Shortcode” link. The plugin will automatically insert the code into the content body
  7. Preview the page or post to view.
  8. Publish the page or post.

Customizing your website with shortcode is beneficial for your website visitors.  Create custom MLS Feeds using shortcodes. Here are a few ways you may want to use SEO RETS Shortcodes on your website.

  • Show the latest listings.
  • Create city pages to show only listings in certain cities.
  • Show listings of a certain type, like only condos.
  • Create a page of listings by zipcode.
  • Customize a webpage with only waterfront listings.

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