How to Install SEO RETS

How to Install and Activate the SEO RETS Plugin

Follow these five easy steps to install and activate your new SEO RETS plugin.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard choose “Plugins” from the left navigation bar
  2. Select “Add New”
  3. Search Plugins for “SEO RETS”
  4. Select “Install Now”
  5. Next, select “Activate Plugin”

Once you’ve completed the steps above to install and activate, you will need to add your License Key. (Get a license key)

  1. Select “SEO RETS” from the left navigation bar.
  2. Insert your License Key/API Key into the box provided.
  3. Then select “Register Plugin”

It’s that easy, you’re now ready to begin using your new RETS search feature!


Need help with setup and installation? Find out more about our setup and support packages.