Real Estate WordPress RETS/IDX Plugin for MLS Integration

The most powerful real estate WordPress IDX plugin in the nation can be yours starting at only $99.99 a month. Now with new SEO features which were reserved for our marketing clients.

Wordpress IDX plugin for real estate

The RETS plugin does the work so don’t have to.

The plugin downloads the listings using RETS from your MLS board.  RETS is a Modern Day version of IDX.  It then displays them in your website.  Notice I say in your website and not on a subdomain or in an iframe?  That is because they are rendered on your site so you get the Google credit for them.  The plugin then entices your visitors to get them to give you their contact info using methods like: lead popups, new listing notifications and various call to actions which can be changed to correspond with any market condition. The plugin updates multiple times a day and even changes the introduction paragraph for each city, or neighborhood page based on the new data.  Imagine having a website that not do the listings update themselves but the website’s content does as well.  Trust me Google loves this but your competitors won’t.

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Latest example real estate website

Here is a live example of our WordPress IDX and its community page on a luxury real estate website for Rosemary Beach Florida that stays current with statistical information from the MLS:
Rosemary Beach real estate


SEO RETS IDX plugin for WordPressSEO RETS is a unique IDX Plugin that has taken us years to develop. It does more than just integrate the MLS on your website, it also optimizes each listing for search engines using advanced SEO techniques that are proven to increase search engine rankings and visibility.

Besides optimizing the listing content, SEO RETS also optimizes your images by renaming them to reflect the listing’s address which increases the relevance of your images among both your visitors and the search engines.

No other IDX plugin does what SEO RETS does when it comes to SEO. With SEO RETS, you get more than a piece of software – you get our team of experienced web designers, talented programmers, internet marketing experts and SEO specialists working day and night to come up with new internet marketing and SEO strategies to streamline into YOUR real estate website with the push of a button.